A bit about me! 
Hi, I'm Karolyn:
I am a micro-business owner.

I operate 3 of my own businesses by myself from home.

I am also a wife and mum.

I have a strong belief that independent, micro business owners can grow a successful business and still be actively engaged in their family life.

I am building all of my businesses on the solid foundations of knowing my purpose, following my passion and sharing my knowledge so that it can help others.

I previously spent over 20 years working in a corporate career, mostly in marketing and business development, so I have a wealth of experience to share.

I've seen the huge gap between the 'big bucks' that large organisations can 'throw' at marketing experts, and the 'shoestring budget' that new and micro business owners have to operate on as 'marketing novices'

......and I want to help reduce that gap!

So, I now help other micro-business owners improve their own marketing skills by providing 121 coaching as well as group sessions and on-demand learning courses.

Why YOU might want a Marketing Coach for YOUR Business

Reason #1: 
Improve skills
You know that you need to 'market' your business but this isn't your core area of expertise, so you want to upskill
Reason #2: 
Micro Budget
You are still working on developing cashflow so are not yet in a position to outsource marketing to someone else
Reason #3: 
Increase knowledge
You are considering outsourcing but want to understand the principles of marketing better 
for yourself first
Just Like You! 
Why you might want a Marketing Coach for your micro business!

There are so many reasons, but here's just a few that I commonly hear from my clients;

> Because you haven't got the budget to pay others to do it for you yet!

> Because the bit you like doing is the client-facing bit - you just want to get better at it!

> Because you don't want to outsource something you don't yet fully understand yourself!

> Because you're used to having a 'marketing department' who did it for you in the corporate world and now you realise you need to do it yourself!

> Because marketing in the corporate world is very different to marketing for a self-employed business owner!

> Because you know that you can't figure everything out on your own (none of us can) and recognise the value in having someone 'in your corner' helping you out and cheering you on!

Whatever your reason, that's why I'm here for you. I understand all these challenges and more as I've been through them too.....

> I know how it feels to not have the cashflow to pay others i.e. outsource

> I enjoy doing the client-facing bit but know I can always learn more and improve

> I want to feel empowered with the knowledge about something before I pay someone else to do it for me (otherwise how do I know they're any good)

> I've moved from the corporate world and had that realisation of "it's all up to me now" and that things work differently on this side of the fence! (my corporate career was in marketing)

> I've accepted (learned the hard way!) that I couldn't do everything myself - and that I could move things along quicker, more efficiently and in the right direction with some guidance and coaching!

My marketing coaching sessions and programs are, simply put, designed by a micro business owner for a micro business owner!

My aim is to empower you to to know how to do better marketing for yourself. 

It's that simple!

I'm not charging eye-watering prices for 'all singing, all dancing, high-flying, everything and the kitchen sink' marketing courses.......

I've created simple, practical, clear coaching to help you understand where to start and master the fundamentals of your marketing message to get you heading in the right direction, within a budget that's affordable.

To read more about my marketing coaching options, just click here
 What OUR clients say:
"I can't thank Karolyn enough"

I decided to work with Karolyn as she came highly recommended, and I now know why! 

I knew a little about marketing my business but since doing Karolyn’s marketing course and implementing the process, I have found everything is coming together nicely. 

Karolyn has a very clear path on how to get you and your business on the road for success - a focused approach that helps you figure out who you want to work with and how to market to them effectively.

If there was anything I didn’t understand she was more than happy help guide me through, as well as being a brilliant sounding board for my crazy ideas!! 

Overall, I am so happy with the direction of where my business is heading - the future is looking bright. I can’t thank Karolyn enough.

"Specialised marketing coaching at it's best"

Fabulous session with Karolyn this morning - she listened carefully, her advice was solid and professional, and I came away with some great tools in my toolbox for my marketing. 

And most importantly they're the type of marketing tools that suit me, and the way I run my business. 

Specialised marketing coaching at its best, delivered with empathy and clarity. 

Don't hesitate to talk to her about how she can help you and your business.
"Karolyn is warm, understanding and great fun to work with"

I met Karolyn through FSB Networking, and instantly knew she was someone I wanted to work with. 

As a new business owner I had no clue about marketing, and no budget to get someone else to do it for me. 

After a one to one with Karolyn it became clear that she got me, got my business, and could help me develop my own marketing plan. 

I had a number of one to one sessions with her, and came away with a list of clear actions for me to take, and an understanding of why I was taking them. 

Karolyn is warm, understanding and great fun to work with (as well as clearly knowing exactly what she is talking about). 

I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to keep their marketing in house.


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Mike @ Jellyfielder Studios

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Bevan @ The Wellbeing Whizz

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