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"without doubt, one of the best business decisions we have made in terms of utilising our limited funding resources"

I first met Karolyn at a networking event in the summer of 2021. From the first time that I spoke with her, I knew that she would be a great person to work with and learn from.

Karolyn is the ultimate professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She has a wonderful personality, is very caring, empathetic, friendly, and funny. She puts people at ease and to be honest is a joy to work with. 

Coming from a teaching background I am acutely aware of the need to meet different people’s learning styles. Karolyn is excellent at adapting her material for people. She is able to provide anecdotal examples to support her work and conveys it in such a manner to make it easily understood and applicable to your business. 

As a relatively new business start-up and without any previous business experience, Karolyn has been able to demystify several areas within the business world (including marketing) which we had struggled with. This includes ideas around being disciplined in terms of pricing for the services that we charge and the importance of storytelling regarding work that we have done for clients and what benefit it has made for them.

Going forward, working with Karolyn has helped our business be more aware of the potential areas we could work in, helping us to identify the clients that best fit with our business model without wasting resources trying to chase everything and everybody. 

I cannot recommend Karolyn enough for the support and guidance she has provided to our small business. Above everything else, she has given us the confidence to move forward. She is, without doubt, one of the best business decisions we have made in terms of utilising our limited funding resources

Nigel Hartland,

"a pleasure to 
work with"

Karolyn is a great person to have on your team & she really knows her stuff when it comes to Marketing. She understands where her clients are, what they need and helps & guides them to achieving tangible results. She’s got a very effective and pragmatic approach which makes her a pleasure to work with as a coach and offers great tips and advice through her social media posts. Definitely get her on your Coaching team

"an amazing step by step process"

After meeting with Karolyn, I felt confident in where I am going with my business.
Karolyn set up an amazing step by step process for my business, where I need to take it and when.
Now I’m focused and confident to make the next move in getting my business to grow.
The best of it is, I know I can call her anytime if I get stuck in a rut.
I can’t thank you enough Karolyn!

"great at getting to know your business"

I've recently been working with Karolyn, who has really helped me gain insight and more clarity re our marketing posts. Marketing is not my forte and, to try and find my way around what can feel like a mine field at times, Karolyn's guidance and expertise has really helped me see what I need to be focusing upon.


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Mike @ Jellyfielder Studios

We're so grateful to Bevan for this incredible feedback about our Marketing Coaching

Bevan @ The Wellbeing Whizz

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