Marketing Coaching

Why this program? 
I'm just like you - a micro-business owner.

I previously spent over 20 years working in a corporate career, mostly in marketing and business development, so I have a wealth of experience to share.

I've seen the huge gap between the 'big bucks' that large organisations can 'throw' at marketing experts, and the 'shoestring budget' that new and micro business owners have to operate on as 'marketing novices'

......and I want to help reduce that gap!

So, I help other micro-business owners improve their own marketing skills.....

But, not all micro business budgets can stretch to 121 coaching 
(even at my very reasonable prices)

I understand that.....

So, I took the Core Principles from the Coaching Framework that I use with my 121 clients and created this On-Demand Video Coaching Program.

I call this my REACH program!

This is designed specifically for you, if you want to invest in improving your own marketing but have a teeny-tiny budget.

This allows you to get all the value from that framework, at a fraction of the price, so you can develop your knowledge and understanding of fundamental marketing principles...

...that will help you grow your business!

What do you get with the program?
Just what you need! 
The Coaching program is a 5 module, on-demand video, marketing coaching program.

It allows you to learn;
- in your own time
- on your own schedule
- at your own pace

It includes resources, documents and other handouts to help you along the way.

The REACH program will help you;
R = Reinforce
Mindset is crucial to success in building your business…...believing that you can, and knowing why you want to, succeed is the foundation upon which to build everything else.

You’ll spend module 1 looking at this and cementing this in, so that this acts as the rudder for your business.
E = Edify
Being able to tell your story well is a huge part of marketing, especially for a new or micro business owner

People buy people first so, when deciding whether to work with you, people will want to have a sense of knowing you and what you’re about

In module 2, you’ll get really clear on how to tell your story so that it resonates with the right people and becomes a really effective part of your marketing.
A = Align
Knowing who your ideal client is and how you want to work with them is crucial to your marketing message

And, it doesn’t stop there…..knowing what problem they have and how you can solve that for them is just as important - defining your ideal client is only half of the whole

In module 3, you’ll cover this in detail, you’ll define your ideal client, as well as take the time to understand their problems, plus you’ll look at how to package up what you offer in different ways so it appeals to more people.
C = Clarify
A common term you’ll hear is The 6P’s of marketing (or versions of it)

But what does that really mean and how does it apply to you?

In module 4, you’ll cover that in detail so that you’re crystal clear on this and have mapped out what the 6Ps look like for your business

Getting clear on these gives you the ‘tracks to run on’ in terms of the marketing for your business, so you can stop guessing and start doing.
H = Help (not sell)
In module 5, you’ll bring together everything you’ve covered in the previous modules and go through the practical aspect of how you translate all of that into a well-crafted marketing message

You’ll learn the formulas and science behind how to write and deliver your message - and the clue is in the title - it’s about helping, not selling!

This is channel-neutral so, it doesn’t matter where you are using your message…..your social channels, your website, your emails, your networking, etc this will work for you everywhere

You’ll be equipped with proven marketing techniques, not just the latest fad that will quickly be replaced with the next new thing……

What you’ll learn in this program will never age, you will develop an understanding of the core principles that underpin all great marketing, that will continue to work for you as long as you need them
This entire program is available for just £395 £195!

Yes, you read that right....

Currently just 

And it comes with some amazing bonuses too:
> An included 121 coaching session

That’s an hour of dedicated time with me, to ask me about anything related to your marketing and the course material so that you can get crystal clear on how to implement what you’re learning.
> Additional & Supporting Resources

Book recommendations, and other resources that will help you with your marketing - both your learning and implementation. 
> Access to new content at no extra cost

I am continuing to develop and expand this program and you will get access to any future upgrades and improvements included in your original investment.
> Discount off additional 121 coaching sessions

These aren't compulsory, I assure you that everything you need is in the program

I offer this so you know that, if you want some extra support, or just the extra accountability to help keep you on track with learning and applying, then the option is there for you. 
> This program is currently available with 50% off!

If you purchase this program before 31st August 2022, you get all this, including the bonuses, for a 
bonkers-low price of just;

> From February 2022 this program will only be available at a higher - albeit still incredibly 
great value - price

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