Don't be alone with your marketing challenges! 
I'm just like you - a micro-business owner.

And I know, from experience, how lonely it can be!

You have to wear every hat in your business - think of every idea - then plan, create and implement those ideas single-handedly.....

....all whilst trying to make sales, serve clients and customers, and earn money!

It's exhausting - and lonely!

Especially if you're finding things challenging, you can feel very isolated.

As a Marketing Coach, I help other micro-business owners improve their own marketing skills.....

I typically work with clients on a 121 basis.....

I don't do it for you - I help you know how to do it better for yourself!

But, not everyone wants or needs 121 coaching - and that's ok!

So, I also created a monthly GROUP marketing coaching session.

These sessions allow us to come together each month and discuss a marketing theme.

I share some tips, coaching and resources around this theme and we discuss them as a group.

This gives us the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, share experiences, and learn from each others successes (and failures).

In sharing this space together, we feel less lonely and isolated in our marketing and business-building endeavours. 

This is for you, if you are looking for inspiration, support and encouragement with your marketing and business growth!

What can you expect from these group sessions;

- A monthly marketing coaching theme

- Marketing Tips and Support

- A peer group of like-minded micro business owners

Giving you the opportunity to;

- Absorb new ideas

- Learn marketing principles

- Understand and revisit marketing fundamentals

- Share your biggest challenges

- Get answers to your burning questions

- Bounce ideas around with other micro business owners

- Learn from other people's questions

- Generate new ideas for your business

- Create improvements and increase results


- Access to extra resources in the membership portal, to support your journey, offer ideas and provide inspiration.

Join these group sessions for just £14.99 

Yes, you read that right....


This launch offer is available for a limited time only.
After the launch offer expires, membership will be
£14.99 a month
(which is still great value)

So, join us now and get it at the bonkers-low launch price of just
£9.99 a month!

p.s. There is no commitment or ongoing contract for these monthly sessions, 
just rolling monthly membership, which gives you access to the monthly sessions and membership portal. 
You are free to cancel at any time, with just one month's notice.

The sessions are held LIVE on Zoom
and run on the 
3rd Monday of each month 
@ 1.15pm
and last for 1 hour

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